Article published in Tackle newsletter


This recently affiliated group, based in North Somerset, was formed in April 2012, and has gathered momentum from just 6 members to its current membership of 21. It was felt by two local sufferers that there was a need to bring help and information to others with prostate concerns, not necessarily only cancer, and a small committee was formed to formulate policy and rules.

The Group’s aims include raising public awareness of prostate conditions and associated problems, inviting medical experts to give up-to-date advice and information, as a group to assist in pressurising the NHS for early prostate screening, to keep abreast of advances and developments in treatments, to push for a uniform process to allow for more informed choices of treatment, and giving sufferers a local voice.

The group meets regularly on a bi-monthly basis at a local medical centre, to provide a forum for anyone with worries about prostate health to discuss their concerns, and to meet with others with similar conditions and experiences. Their aim to increase membership is met by advertising through local press, posters and banners.

The group’s first speakers meeting, by Dr. Jon Rees, a local GP and a prominent figure in the national forum of urology and prostate problems, was well attended and well received by those who attended. The group is looking for other suitable speakers from the area, and would welcome any help in this direction.

The group has a good working relationship with local medical practises, pharmacies and the local town council. Financial support has come through Waitrose and the town council.